Welcome to Pacific Lawn Care Services

We are a lawn restoration company that is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for you! We take pride in hiring and training knowledgeable staff, where safety and professional appearance takes precedence. Our mission is to continually satisfy our customer’s highest expectations by providing healthy lawn conditions.

We Offer a Variety of Services That Have One Common Goal:

To Make Your Lawn Look Great!

Maintaining a lawn takes time, dedication and skill. There is an alternative to spending your weeks struggling to take care of your property’s needs by yourself – hire us to do it for you! At Pacific Lawn Care Services we offer a wide range of lawn renovation services that range from aerating and thatching, to overseeding, fertilizing, planting new sod, and adding topsoil, mulch, or bark to your planting beds. By hiring the professionals at Pacific Lawn Care Services you can be assured that you are making an investment that you can be proud of.


Aerating – Thatching – Rake & Bag – Fertilizer – Overseeding – Moss Killer – Peat Moss & Topsoil – Mow &  Trim – Yard Maintenance – Crane Fly Solutions – Tree & shrub Trimming – And More!

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