Here’s what people are saying about Pacific Lawn Care Services…

Good group showed up on the day they said they would. They speak good English, took time to explain the lawn care process with me then went to work. They were fast and wasted no time. The job was good and I will certainly call them again.

Bill - Redmond

A doorhanger, really? I've sure never responded to one before but I couldn't find anybody else who wanted to do this kind of work for me. So I sent an email and had an immediate response! Three days later my lawn was aerated, overseeded, and fertilized. Good job Pacific Lawn Care.

Monte - Snohomish

I was skeptical and my wife wasn't helping. She said our lawn was beyond hope after years of neglect, but I wanted to try fixing the lawn before spending a lot of money on installing a new one. After the job was done I was worried because once all the moss was gone the lawn was pretty thin. But then an amazing thing started to happen - I watered the lawn and the new grass started to come in. My neighbors were amazed and so was my wife. Now I'm just telling everybody I know to call these guys!

Kevin - Redmond

I think the owner is the friendliest person I've ever worked with. So happy I chose this company to take care of my lawn!!

Betty - Renton

The Pacific Lawn Care crew was very friendly and I like to ask a lot of questions so I know what they're doing on my lawn and they never got frustrated with me. They make it look so easy. In just a couple hours they thatched, aerated, overseeded, and put topsoil and peat moss on my lawn.

Bobby - Sammamish

I shopped around for a good company and chose Pacific Lawn Care because the communication was quick and professional. This was my first clue that I was working with a good company and after they came to do the work I realized that their work is excellent as well.

Alyssa - Snoqualmie

Last year I thatched the lawn by myself and I did a horrible job so I called Pacific Lawn Care Services this year after getting one of their doorhangers and I'm glad I did. They charged me less than the machine rental cost me last year and I didn't have to do anything this time.

Roshan - Redmond

My lawn was a mess - worst in neighborhood and the HOA was about to give big fine to me. I call Pacific Lawn Care and they came right away. I did the best value package and it worked very good for me!

Salvador - Renton

I knew I picked the right company when I looked out the window after my job was complete and saw the owner of the company kneeling down to pick up the last of a few pieces of small rock off my driveway. This is just an example of the attention to detail that these guys took when tending to my job.

Jim - Sammamish